Our core objective is to promote a healthy and nutritional product and to ensure sustainability in every aspect of our operation.

We work extremely hard every day to create an unforgettable experience in our cafes with modern shop fittings, earthy cafe furniture, interactive store decor, online ordering, a state-of-the-art cloud point of sale with a cashless environment and of course the awesome Red-Cafe store vibe.

It starts with amazing people behind a beautiful menu, incredible front of house industry professionals, and an experienced management team. Our product is delivered in 100% biodegradable packaging as we care about our environment. We also offer a unique recycling initiative to offer each campus.

Our focus is on our students, our parents and our teachers. We want to exceed expectations and deliver an unforgettable product & service. Product and service excellence that supports outstanding academic performance.



Red-Cafe’s core message in our operation is that of a balanced nourishing diet. By working closely with our dietician, Kelly Francis we are able to deliver the best possible menu in terms of health & nutrition in our stores that we are confident is a step ahead of our competitors.

It is extremely important that we understand all our clientele with unique dietary requirements. Growth, development, concentration and energy levels are all factors that contribute to an individual's ability to learn, play & live. We understand the nutritional opportunities that guarantee for a successful learning career. Every meal should be treated as an opportunity to maximize growth and development. It is our aim as a hospitality provider to extend the health nutritional values at home to the campus. We take our role very seriously in this regard. It is our opportunity to stock healthy items that are a novelty to children, reinforcing healthy eating values and growing all individuals‟ nutritional education on a daily basis.

Healthy eating is the consumption of foods high in fibre, low in fat, sugar and salt. All foods may contain different nutrients and offer a variety of benefits. Achieving optimum nutrition requires including all available (and essential) nutrients and thereby, including all types of foods. Healthy weight maintenance requires an energy input of less than or equal to our energy output. While this may seem obvious to some, it also means that eating too much of a healthy food can be detrimental as all foods have an energy value. Value is the word we focus on and it should be the word that determines food choices. As a rule of thumb, 90 % of the energy you consume (and provide to our children) should have nutritional value as well as an energy value (kJ).

The nutrients required and obtained from food are Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals. Balancing the diet is art of consuming the correct ratio of these nutrients.